Sydney Nano

Sydney Nano is the University of Sydney's newest interdisciplinary research initiative to understand and harness the unique properties of matter, light, and living systems that emerge at the nanoscale.

To discover and harness new science at the nanoscale, we’ve created a completely new, highly collaborative research environment enabling us to tackle the most important challenges of our time.

By bringing together the University’s collective academic expertise in nanoscale research in a purpose-built facility, SYdney Nano is producing transformative, scientific outcomes that generate new knowledge and impact society and the economy.

Uniting this research strength is also enhancing the broader Australian nano-research community and transforming Sydney into a global leader in discovering and harnessing new science at the nanoscale.

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Sydney Nano
Sydney Nanoscience Hub (A31) Physics Road
2006 Camperdown, NSW



Dr. Gunther Schmidt
phone: +61 2 8627 5207