CeNTech GmbH

Academic and Industrial Expertise

With the aim to exploit the vast potential and multifaceted prospects of nanotechnological research, CeNTech was founded in 2003 and with 2.400 m2 provides academic researchers and companies an ideal environment to direct selected ideas and results into technical applications. Since 2011 CeNTech II (supplementary 1299 m2) additionally supports these R&D activities. Research and development at CeNTech is focused on nanoscale analysis and nanobiotechnology, especially for biological and medical applications.

Technology Transfer at CeNTech

As the administrative, business oriented division, the CeNTech GmbH provides the platform for entrepreneurs to further develop their research ideas into marketable products. As mediator between academic and corporate interests, the CeNTech GmbH assists industry partners in the development and improvement of new and existing products. CeNTech promotes the formation of startup companies that originate from university research and supports the expansion of companies in the nanotechnology sector.

Core Activities of CeNTech

  • Scientific Excellence focussing on Nanoanalytics and Nanobiotechnlogy
  • Training and Education
  • Technology Transfer
  • Patent processing and utilisation
  • Start up consulting
  • Consortium manager of NRW Cluster NanoMikroMaterialsPhotonik.NRW (
  • Coordination of network BioNanoMedTech (

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Company information

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