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FRT offers 3D surface metrology tools for the non-destructive investigation of topography, film thickness, roughness and many other applications. We are active in many different branches like MEMS, semiconductors and many more.

FRT - The Measure of Precision

FRT GmbH is one of the world wide leading suppliers in the field of 3D surface metrology systems for research and production. FRT is active in the development, production and worldwide distribution of measurement equipment and software for metrology measurement of surfaces with highest resolution. Supplemented by customer- related services there is a holistic range of services and economical products that can be customized to provide customer solutions.

A fixed size for instruments

With micro- and nanometer resolution, the award-winning measurement systems of FRT provide non-contact, non-destructive and also fully automated data about the topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, thickness and many other parameters of customers’ products.

Measurements to the point

In addition to the instruments FRT develops a specialized control and data analysis software. It takes into account the needs of the customer and is focused on ensuring that measurement systems provide the greatest possible benefit. Every information requirement can be met. Thus a plurality of characteristics of a surface can be evaluated as either 2D or 3D data. Also, automated measurements and analysis of production relevant parameters can be performed.

Control is good - FRT is better!

Worldwide fast-growing high-tech markets and the increasing miniaturization of surface structures for industry and consumer goods, both generate a high demand for measuring instruments.

The measurement of surface structures of such products is becoming more demanding because besides miniaturization they also are subject to functionalization (e.g. Lotus-Effect®). Often the powerful measuring systems have to be integrated into the current production process; they have to work in a non-destructive manner, without contact, and should be automated. For this FRT offers the products and the necessary experience as every measurement problem is, depending on material and application area, different.

From the production concept of FRT metrology, there are three main unique features:

Standardization, modularity and customization

Standardized components such as precision mechanics, control electronics and FRT’s powerful, inhouse software enables cross-product cost synergies and a reduction of complexity in manufacturing. Especially, with the dedicated FRT team of software specialists, the continually updated software is an important core competency of FRT. By the modular design structure of the measuring systems, extensions at the customers’ site are particularly simple. Considering the fact that in manufacturing technologies, innovation cycles are ever accelerating, the on site upgradable systems of FRT are extremely economical and future-proof. By using the FRT multi-sensor technology, customers’ demands can be addressed individually. It enables easy selection of the required sensor by the user and the simultaneous use of multiple sensors combining different measurement ranges and measurement techniques.

Global presence and competence

FRT globally employs approx. 50 scientists, engineers and technicians for development and manufacturing of the innovative metrology tools as well as for qualified customer support. FRT operates from Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, and maintains subsidiaries in China and the United States. Additionally, FRT provides a global distribution and service network. FRT is member in several national and international associations and standardization committees and thus actively participates in creating new norms and standards for metrology. Beyond that FRT is engaged in R&D within several German and European funded projects.

FRT - Social Engagement

FRT advocates the promotion of natural sciences in universities and schools: As a manufacturer of high-tech products, the natural sciences form the basis for our success - and as young people of today are the highly qualified specialists of tomorrow, we want to delight young people to the subjects of physics & Co.. This engagement was especially honored with the business award by the regional government NRW. You will find further information about our projects on our website.

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