nEcoTox is a laboratory with great expertise in the field of ecotoxicology and analysis of nanomaterials/nanoparticles. Our services support companies in the development and evaluation of their products.

    nET-ECOTOX - We carry out ecotoxicological studies to assess the environmental compatibility of nanoparticles, e.g. as contract research.

    nET-ANALYTIX - We offer the quantification and characterization of nanoparticles, especially in connection with phys-chem studies.

    nET-KNOWLEDGE - We train your staff in the ecotoxicology of nanoparticles, this improves the test results and increases the study quality.

    nET-DATA - We are running a database containing a large number of scientific studies on nanoparticles, allowing read-across approaches during product development.

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Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt
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