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Palas® ‒ More than 30 years of expertise in aerosol technology

With over 60 patents submitted, Palas® has set the standard in aerosol and particle technology for more than 30 years. Through continuous innovation, we achieve extraordinary quality and durability in our products. The result is unique technical and economic advantages for our customers. Palas® has established itself as a global market leader in the fields of aerosol generation, aerosol dilution and aerosol particle measurement technology. Renowned companies, universities and research institutions in approximately 60 countries put their trust in Palas® precision technology.



  • Fine dust monitoring systems
  • Nanoparticle measurement technology
  • Aerosol spectrometer systems
  • Filter test systems
  • Particle generation systems
  • Dilution systems
  • Clean room particle technology
  • Special developments
  • Calibration systems


Palas® offers multiple nanoparticle measurement systems for determination of particle size distribution and particle concentration of airborne nanoparticles as well as different aerosol generators for liquid and solid nanoparticles. Nanotechnology-related applications include:

  •  Environmental monitoring (emission and air pollution measurements for fine dust and ultrafine particles)
  • Automobile industry (e.g. diesel soot generators and exhaust measurements)
  • Innovative material technology (e. g. defined metallic nanoparticle generation by spark discharge)
  • Pharma / medicine (inhalation studies, nano aerosol generation)
  • Filtration / separation industry (efficiency tests, process monitoring)


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