RAS supports its customers with scientific services and innovative nanomaterials that are developed, patented and produced in-house. In exclusive partnerships, RAS creates product innovations for its customers with outstanding new functionalities.


RAS AG arose from the merger of rent a scientist GmbH and RAS materials GmbH. The main objective of RAS is to create product innovations together with its customers with outstanding new functionalities based on innovative material technologies.

RAS supports the innovation process of its customers with everything that is necessary for a successful creation of a real product innovation:

  •       broadly applicable nanomaterials developed and produced in-house,
  •       scientific know-how in the field of chemistry, new materials, microbiology and physics,
  •       chemical and microbiology laboratories, as well as appropriate test and analytical equipment,
  •      method know-how with respect to brainstorming, concept development and scientific research,
  •      know-how with respect to added value chains and markets in nearly all fields of the manufacturing industry,
  •      an extensive scientific network to research institutes and technology clusters,
  •      comprehensive know-how in public funding of R & D projects.

As an example of the innovative nanomaterials that RAS has developed and produces itself, the nano-silver technologies AgPURE and ECOS can be cited. With these two technologies RAS builds on the two outstanding properties of silver: excellent antimicrobial properties, best electrical conductivity of all metals. Due to the particle size, the additives can be incorporated inexpensively into many matrices and almost all coatings.

The involvement of RAS brings the customers and partners the critical advantages in technology and time which are necessary for a successful product innovation.

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