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Nanotechnology is a cross-sectional technology spanning various branches of the economy. Worldwide nanotechnology is seen as the hope for the future in developing highly efficient and sustainable production methods as well as products. On the long run these may contribute to the solution of global urgent issues for the future. Examples can be found in medical engineering, lightweight construction, energy supply, water filtration and many others.

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Companies, research institutions and networks being active in the field of nanotechnology are heartly welcome to actively participate in the realization of the goals of the association. More information such as the statutes and the membership application form are availible to be downloaded.

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Konferenz Advanced Materials Safety 2023

8.-10. November 2023, Saarbrücken

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FormFactor FRT Metrology

FRT offers 3D surface metrology tools for the non-destructive investigation of topography, film thickness, roughness and many other applications. We are active in many different branches like MEMS, semiconductors and many more.

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Dialog Nanotechnologie

ein offenes Forum, um gemeinsam mit Industrie- und Behördenvertreter*innen über aktuelle Themen und gegenwärtige Entwicklungen aus der Nanotechnologie zu diskutieren.

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