ROWO Coating GmbH

ROWO Coating is active in the field of vacuum coating of flexible substrates like plastic films, wovens and nonwovens up to a maximum width of 1.650 mm by means of Thermal Evaporation and Sputtering Technology.

We can deposit all kinds of metals and alloys to achieve: high reflection of solar energy/heat radiation/electromagnetic waves (EMC), high conductivity, bactericide properties, barrier properties,.....

We developed transparent electrodes to replace ITO for OLED, OPV and other applications where you need high transmission and low sheet resistance. We are open for cooperations where we can contribute with our technologies to create optimum solutions.

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ROWO Coating GmbH
Allmendstrasse 7
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Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Siefert
phone: +49 7643 40017
fax: +49 7643 40159