nanoSaar AG

nanoSaar AG is the owner of the patented MJR (MicroJet Reactor) technology. The MJR technology can produce emulsions, micro/nano particles, and encapsulations of a precisely defined size.

Our MJR technology creates superior results compared to high-pressure homogenization, milling, batch processes and other technologies. A continuous, low-cost production process allows for practically unlimited industrial scale-up.

Our customers benefit from product development services and setup of on-site MJR production capacity. Our business strategy is based on licensing and joint venture models.

Our business approach emphasizes commercialization of our economical, proprietary MJR production potential in the following industries: consumer goods, nutrition, cosmetics, flavors&fragrances, food&beverage, animal health, chemicals, fire retardants, foils&films, lubricants, wood protection, concrete, polymers, paints&coatings, glass, crop science, chemical, petrochemical, additives, biocides, catalyzers, solar cells, electronics, and water purification.


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nanoSaar AG
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Dr. Michael Steiner
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